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Weekend Challenge: Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Greetings, all! Hopefully, most of you survived this morning's activities (assuming you went at all).

In honor of a holiday tradition that just makes no sense to me... I give you a collection of items you might find on sale for Black Friday. Literally, I just went through the 2015 WalMart Black Friday ad and wrote down every item for sale. Some of the items were lumped into a generic category (socks, for example). You can do with these items as you wish (maybe someone's buying gifts, or receiving gifts.. maybe the item has nothing to do with Black Friday, at all!). Get creative! == There may be no need for a 55" curved HDTV in the House of Lannister, but perhaps someone's figured out how to project the telescope onto a wall, for the sake of sharing the battle plan *no knowledge of Game of Thrones here, past knowing a few surnames, FYI. Maybe they do have TVs?

Anyway.. feel free to request as many prompts as you like -- we're all beholden to the randomizer, today -- and, if you aren't sure what something is, feel free to ask for clarification (us Americans have some strange names for things, after all). The full ad can be found HERE, in .pdf form. And, just in case, I've also uploaded it to my own hosting space, in case it disappears from the Internet.

Rewards will at minimum be a 'You survived Black Friday'-banner. I'm somewhat limited to fandoms, but am willing to offer what I can, in the way of drabbles; otherwise, I am glad to make icons or sigtags of whatever you prefer.
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