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NaNo and mini Checkin Days 26 &27

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to those stateside that are celebrating! In addition to the usual things (health,family,friends etc), I'm thankful to kaige68 and haldoor for running such a great comm as this and to all the wonderful members. 1_million_words has been a treasure trove of support and prompts for when that creative part of my brain has gotten stuck or lazy.

Now on to the NaNo and mini checkins -

Those aiming for 50K should be rounding 45K by end of Friday. Those working on a miniwrimo should be shooting for 90% complete by end of Friday. If you're a little behind, you still have time, don't give up! I'll be hosting 2 more sessions of word wars this weekend, and of course all are welcome.

Dance/Rant/Jump for Joy - let us know how you're doing! Will you finish by Monday? Will you be glad when its over or will you miss it?
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