Lou (heffermonkey) wrote in 1_million_words,

Beta needed for Swap of Joy fic

So I need a beta for my Swap of Joy fic and I'm just hoping my giftee person doesn't opt in as a beta reader because that would be all kinds of awkward haha.  But seeing as I have nowhere else to turn but this delightful community of crazies, I'm going to hope a few people pipe up and one of them will not be my giftee and I can pounce on an available victim.

Not going to put much information out there other than

 Fic of 3,500 words and of a low rating

mainly need a pair of eyes to run through and make sure it a) makes sense b) isn't glaringly full of bad grammar/punctuation - obviously more details can/will be exchanged over PM if needed.  If I can't PM you please leave an email addy for me to contact you.

Also my online life is very sporadic due to work, so it may take me
twenty four hours to get back to you, so please be patient with me if you kindly comment on this post x

I appreciate anyone who can help out,thanks peeps :D

(and for some reason the tags aren't working for me - not that I'm sure there is a tag for a beta call anyway...)

Beta Found :D phew, that was easier and quicker than I expected
Tags: exclaim: help!

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