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Weekend Challenge: CSI Edition

It's time for a Weekend Challenge, and this one is in honor of Whitney/csichick_2, because I said "I need an idea for the Weekend Challenge" and she said "Titles from How to Get Away With Murder!" and I said "There's not enough, but I could do Law & Order titles?" and she said "Do CSI."

So here we are!

There are 3 different CSIs we will be using for this challenge: Original (14 seasons), Miami (10 seasons), New York (9 seasons).

To play, leave me which flavor CSI you want, how many prompts and the number of a season. I will then randomize all those episode titles to give you one. Or two. Up to five. Feel free to mix and match.

Also, in case anyone is worried, the episode titles are pretty non-specific. Most have nothing to do with killing, so they should be suitable for any and all fandoms.

For any 200-word drabble or set of 2 icons you submit before 11:59p Eastern time on Monday, I will reward you with a drabble or graphic in return, or if you don't want anything, I will add some words to one of my many, many WIPs in your honor!

Now let's play!
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