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Word Wars 4PM Pacific 00:00 UTC

Ready for a few rounds of word wars - Weeknight edition?

Round 1: 4pm PST(00:00 UTC) to 4:25 pm (00:25 UTC)
10 min break
Round 2: 4:35 pm PST (00:35 UTC) to 5:00 pm (01:00 UTC)

additional rounds as folks are interested. I realize it'll be pushing into late night for some :D

Totals: (let me know if I missed anyone or typo'd)

severina2001: 1242 words
kaige68: 1285 words
sharpiesgal: 86 words (on a phone no less!)
starry_wolf: 300 words (another phone warrior!!!)
craterdweller: 1245 words

Total: 4158 words

Thanks to everyone for helping me out tonight! We knocked it out of the park again!
Tags: challenge: nano!, challenge: word race

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