ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Slow Sated Sunday: The 'Rip our Hearts Out' edition


So, do you ever, inexplicably, feel the need for a fic that rips your heart out and makes you want to shout 'fix them!' at the screen? No? Oh, maybe it's just me...

...but I don't think so. To paraphrase Sir Elton - a sad story says so much. So, this week's prompt:

The Sunday after it Ended

Yup: Write us a fic with one of your characters waking up their first Sunday without the other. Maybe their relationship broke, maybe opportunity called and took the other away. Maybe there's still a faint glimmer of hope -- or maybe not.

Flashbacks to more contented, Sated Sundays are encouraged, for extra "GAH!"

Good luck, hope the muse(s) are with you this week!

Tags: challenge: slow sated sunday
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