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Challenge: NaNo Playlist Bonanza Part 2

Open to all, whether you are doing an official NaNo activity or not.

Challenge: Adopt-a-Playlist
Deadline: Nov 30 11:59 pm your local time :=D
Reward: I'll make cover art for your playlist for anyone who writes 500 words total (You'll have to either link to the playlist or list the tracks (artist - song title) if you want your reward to have a track listing on it)
Graphics alternative: For those that are working on graphics rather than words - how about 5 icons or one larger graphic in lieu of the 500 words?

Pick something from Part 1, or find a playlist on youtube, spotify, or 8 tracks or select at least 8 songs from any of the suggestions from last month's challenge: songfic and write at least 500 words total. It can be words towards a WIP, a collection of 5 drabbles, words towards your NaNo project - whatever you'd like. Just provide a list or link to the 8 songs that inspired you. Maybe there was something in the lyrics or maybe the songs just made your fingers fly over the keyboards. Maybe the songs are new, or maybe they are old favorites you haven't listened to in years. It's all good.

Tags: challenge: nano!

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