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Weekend Challenge: Fic Writing Palate Cleanser

I know many of us are jamming on long-form projects this month, from NaNo to chapter fics or perhaps even your Swap of Joy gifties. When you've got a lot on your writing plate, sometimes it's both fun (and helpful, too) to take a break for a palate cleanser: short form work that encourages your fic brain to let go and run wild!

So this weekend,'place your order' with a comment below, and I'll serve you up a single prompt from any or all of these lists:
- Scenarios (most of them slightly outlandish, good for AU ficlets)
- Random words (everything's g-rated, but take 'em wherever you will, of course)
- Genres or Tropey Tropes
- A random picture (from a rights cleared/no-attribution-needed source)

Tell me which of those you'd like, or if you want one of each.

The challenge: By Sunday at 11:30pm Eastern US, write us a scene or a drabble or a ficlet. Use one of the prompts, use all of them, or any combination- whatever works for you. No word minimum or limit, but also no expectations of a high count or a totally finished fic.

Hope you will find some fun in it, and have a great weekend!!!
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