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Comment Fic Friday

And it's well past time I gave you all another Friday Comment Fic prompt!

banner-comment fic friday-med.jpg

And this time the prompt is:

New Arrival/s

Whether this means the obvious thing of a new baby in the family, an adoption (human or animal), or someone new on 'the team' or at your character/s' work (or any other thing that the prompt inspires you to do), how about writing 700-800 words (about the number it takes to fill a comment) out from your Nano, or to include in your mini-nano, or just for the hell of it if you're not doing Nano this month.

Any fandom, any genre, and no time limits! All I ask is that if you use this prompt for a comment fic, link or post the result here!

Oh, and graphics people, if you'd like to make an icon or three based on the prompt, we'd love to see it here too! ;-)
Tags: challenge: comment fic

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