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'Go, Nano, Go' check in!

So, all you non-Nanoers who are taking part in our mini-nano of sorts, how are you doing? Are you making the words you hoped for? We're nearing the 40% mark of the month now, are you on track? Need any help, any words of wisdom, light relief, or want someone to cheer you on a bit more?

As for our Nano and Mini-Nano writers, here's the place to ask for any help or advice you need too. I know craterdweller is giving you the daily boosts and opportunity to check in, but I am here to offer whatever you need that she doesn't have time for (as she has to make words too!) , since I'm not officially on board for the actual novel-writing thing.

And good luck to everyone for the rest of the month! Go, do, write! (and I promise to get on those graphic words I owe ASAP!)
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