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NaNo and mini Checkin Days 7 & 8

I was so wrapped up in the word wars/sprints yesterday that I forgot to post the check-in :/

Well we've rounded the first quarter turn (25% done). For NaNo folks your target is around 13,336 by the end of day 8. For those doing the mini's you'll want to be a little over 25% completed.

Thanks to everyone for the word wars/sprints. We had amazing turnouts and numbers. Are those times good for everyone? Shall we do them again next weekend? Same time, same place? Remember they are open to all, whether you are NaNo'ing or not :D Besides we have kaige68's "One More Word" challenge to achieve.

How's everyone's project coming? I'm hoping a title for my NaNo will make an appearance soon. My Google Doc needs something better than Day 1, LOL :D
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