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Word Wars/sprints for Sat. Nov 7 (Or Sunday depending on your timezone :)

Firstly, comment at haldoor's Go Nano Go for today's checkin. I know I promised earlier posts and I totally failed. Darn that work thing - as in I had to go :P I'll do better tomorrow.

Just a quick posting for times for Saturday's Word Wars and Sprints. As Saturday is the turning point from week 1 (one of the easier NaNo weeks) to the dreaded week 2, I'd like to bank a few extra words. So here's the times I'm proposing:

Sat 6am Pacific Time which is Sat 2PM UTC - planning on offering sprints/wars until 8am (4pm UTC).
Sat 8pm Pacific Time which is Sun 4AM UTC - at least one hour maybe 2 depending on how much energy I have.

We can either do 2 sprints of 25 min with a break in between (total of 4 sprints for 2 hours) or we can do longer/fewer. I'm open to suggestions. I normally make playlists for the correct duration so I don't keep looking at the clock.
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