craterdweller (craterdweller) wrote in 1_million_words,

NaNo and MiniMo checkin Day 2

How did everyone do on day 2? Did you reach your goal for the day? Are you on track so far?

I had to work late and was a bit tired so I only managed 1508 words today. But still I passed my total target of 3334. For those unfamiliar with NaNo one easy way to break up 50K words in 30 days is to shoot for 1667 words per day. Some, like my hubby, stick to that method like glue. Others like me, add as many words as I can during weekdays and then have multiple writing sessions on weekends to catch up and if possible, bank a few extra words for the lean days in between.

How about you? Any tips you'd like to share (no matter how you are participating).
Tags: challenge: nano!

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