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Masterful Monday!

Did you hear? Did you hear? We hit 10.2 million words last month!!! Take a moment and dance a little.

Dance, I said!

Okay, now it's time to buckle down and face November.

There are a couple of things I want to mention and then we'll go on to discuss how insanely awesome you all are.

1 - simplyn2deep, who works tirelessly to bring you the word of the day, and has since day one, has put a call out for more words. Stop by and see her here and help out if you can.

2 - How are the Joys coming along? In a couple of weeks were going to be asking for people to sign up for publication dates. It's so EXCITING!

3 - The Daily Count Challenge this month has a lot of names, A LOT. 24 people in 30 days, a lot. So I ask that you be super aware of your 24 hours. Make your quota, post the pass, keep working toward bigger goals!

Now - YOU ARE AWESOME! SO VERY VERY AWESOME! What are your plans for keeping the awesome going?

In fact, you are so awesome that I'm going to share my math with you. My own personal goal is to do one more word than I did the previous year. I'd love to say that I'm going to do 200,000 words this year and be more awesome than ever before. But the fact is that I did 45,691 last year and 200k is just not feasible for me with the life I lead. However, 45,692 does not seem like that huge of a stretch. Sure I'm only at 21k and would need to write 400 words a day, but I'm going for it. Because you all make me feel very awesome.

And now to where your awesome comes in. We are at 10.2 which is astounding, and if we quit now I'd be happy. But we're goal oriented people, we push. Last year we hit 14,182,891, so this year I'd be over the moon to see 14,182,892. Just one more word. So here's my mathematical plan: To get one word more than we had last year we need 3,892,798 (there's a lump in my throat at the thought), but we have 60 days to do that which means 64,880 words per day (that lump is getting bigger). The saving grace is that we have 196 members now which brings it down to 331 word per day each, or a graphic every 3 days. This seem a little more doable? It does to me.

Now, there are people who stretch to hit 100 in a week, and there are people who do 2,000 a day without batting an eye. What I'm asking for is an effort. I'm going to do 400 a day if it means I'm up at 4 every morning. I don't want that from you, I want just one more word. And there is a battle cry if ever I heard one. ONE MORE WORD

You think I'm crazy? That's fine. Just give me one more word! FOR YOU ARE AWESOME AND MUCH MORE THAN CAPABLE!
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