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NaNo Playlist Bonanza Pt 1

If you're like me, you like to listen to music while you write. Perhaps your budding NaNo novel or other project has a soundtrack, whether it be character based, or mood based or just songs that get the words moving across the page/screen. I thought I'd set this post up similar to the Word/Graphic counters where everyone can start their own thread and either post links to a playlist posted at sites such as 8tracks or Spotify or maybe you prefer to just post youtube links to individual tracks. However you want to share is fine.

Sometime during midmonth I'll post part 2 using the songs/lyrics/artists as inspiration.

This challenge is open to all. Rewards will be earned during the second part (hoping just the prospect of discovering new music is reward enough for this part).

Please refrain from commenting on others threads (same as in the counter posts) otherwise folks won't be able to go back and add/change their playlists easily. If you'd like to gush about an artist/song included, please use the Squee- thread :D

Deadline to have your music included in part 2 is Nov 13 at 11:59pm Eastern Time but the post will remain open all month.
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