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Nano! Here is your Support Group!

Now, I know craterdweller has already posted to see who's up for NaNoWriMo this year, and I also know that several of you are doing it, as well as a bunch of you having signed up for mini_wrimo, which is fantabulous! For this reason, November's challenge will revolve around this.

Personally, while 50K might be doable in any months EXCEPT November/December (Christmas prep, anyone? End of School Year in the Southern Hemisphere doesn't help either if you have kids) if I put my heart into it, generally I know it's a bit out of my league. I have participated in mini-wrimo a few times and that was awesome, but man, can it be hard to get yourself in the right place to write EVERY day!

Anyway, as Crater has already explained, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! So if you're doing either of those challenges, we will here to help and support you - Crater's running some Word Wars on weekends and will also post some Playlist Posts and such.

As for me, I am going to post every few days to see how you're getting on; if you need help, be it some inspiration for something or just a "YAY! You're doing well! Keep going!", we'll all be here cheerleading and offering support, advice, thoughts or whatever else you're after. So be sure and check those posts out! I will also try and run some Word Wars on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS (NZDT 5-6pm-ish = UTC 4-5am Wednesday mornings) if anyone is interested. Let me know!


For those of you not joining the formal Nano groups, we will have our own 1MW 'Go, Nano, Go' group! YES! It's me, you and anyone who wants to see if they can do however many words they want in either:
A) a Nano-type length story in a new fic
B) Less than Nano but still 10-20K in a new fic
C) Finishing any WIPs you might have, aiming for as many or as few words as you set yourself
D) Lots of words in new and/or old fic/s of any length and number, you choose the amount!
E) ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF THAT NEEDS WORDS (Yes, it can be graphics 'words'!)

If you want to be in Go, Nano, Go, choose the words you think you can manage in any one of the above groups, decide how many that works out to be per day (or choose a per day amount and add it up for the month), and sign in here!

A bit like Big Buddy (and you can count these words for that too, or any other 1MW OR outside challenge that you like), and bit like Mini-wrimo, all I would say is you AIM for your daily word count. If you don't reach it on any one day or you can't write some days, no sweat. Aim to get your count for that week done. At the end of the month, aim to have your month's goal done. If you make it to where you are happy with your month's word count, WE WILL BE HAPPY FOR YOU!

If you can post some words, even better, as they'll go into the count for November! But no sweat if you don't get or want/need them posted, we'll still be happy for you! I will even look at creating some WOOHOO! banners and icons for you to take and play with at the end of the month.

Sound good? EXCELLENT! And you can sign into my semi-daily posts (at this point I'm thinking every 2-3 days) and let us know how you're going. WE WILL ROCK THIS MONTH! Go, Nano, Go, whatever challenge you're playing in!
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