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Word of the Day 10/27/15 Enceinte

Enceinte (adjective)
enceinte [en-seynt, ahn-sant; French ahn-sant]

1. pregnant, with child.

Origin: 1590-1600; < Middle French < Late Latin incincta, perhaps literally “ungirded,” equivalent to Latin in- in-3+ cincta, feminine of cinctus, past participle of cingere to belt, gird, surround

Enceinte (noun)
enceinte [en-seynt, ahn-sant; French ahn-sant]

noun, plural enceintes [en-seynts, en-sants; French ahn-sant]
1. a wall or enclosure, as of a fortified place.
2. the place enclosed.

Origin: 1700-10; < French: enclosure, also girding fence or rampart < Latin incincta, noun use of feminine of incinctus girded in (past participle of incingere), equivalent to in- in-2+ cing- gird + -tus past participle suffix

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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