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Weekend Challenge: Quotes!

Hey everyone, it's time for the Weekend Challenge! So I'm thinking "Humour" this weekend, because I could use a laugh or two. I have 15 Movie Quotes, [edit: apologies, it was late when I was doing this and I had problems finding funny lyrics]Song 15 Written Quotes and 10 TV Show Quotes - either funny or about humour in some way - that I spent a while digging around for, which took up far more time than it should, so hopefully it's enough to go around for anyone who wants them!

Hit me with a category and a number and I'll give you a quote. You write 500+ words or create 5+ icons/1+ banner/1+ wallpaper - in any fandom (or none), any genre, any style and based as loosely as you like on the funny quote you're given - before midnight Sunday PST, and I will reward you with an icon, a drabble or 100 words in one of my WIPs! Your creation doesn't have to be funny, but it'd be cool if you do go that way!

And hey, why not dedicate it to Kaige for her birthday challenge if you think she'll appreciate it? That way it hits two challenges with one set of words!
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