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Comment Fic Friday

And it's Friday again - YAY! I had a short week, in fact, because I was on holiday Monday and Tuesday, doing school holiday things with my kids and such, so although it has been short, I'm always up for another weekend!

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And today's prompt is:

Twice as Nice

So whether it's as straight-forward as one of your favourite characters being twice as nice as they usually are, or something like a favourite meal being especially scrummy, or even something naughty like a pair of characters teaming up to seduce another character they both fancy into a threesome, pick out a fandom (or none at all if you prefer to go original) and write a little something that will fit in a comment (around 700-800 words) or even two if you can't restrain it (we'll never scold you for writing MORE words!) and either link or post it to a comment here. There are no limits on time or genre, just pick up a pen and write! ;-)
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