a geek in such the wrong way (haldoor) wrote in 1_million_words,
a geek in such the wrong way

Calling out for prompts!

Hey everyone! *waves* Your friendly mods have been discussing upcoming challenges, which are all looking very exciting! So we've got Nano in November - we're going to be looking for some volunteers to help with that - PM Kaige or myself if you want to be involved there - and for December we have an Advent challenge bubbling away, and there is of course our annual Swap of Joy which we'll be asking you to sign up for soon, and that runs long enough for you to create something in the range of 1000 words/1 wallpaper for another comm member to be revealed sometime in December too, but we'll be letting you know more about all of them in due course, so keep watching!

As for October, we're running a song-fic challenge, so today I need your help in getting prompts together! We're after song titles AND artists, so list a few of your favourites, preferably ones that sound inspiring, as we want people to be able to create fic and graphic creations from them! Put one or a whole bunch of suggestions in a comment to this post, and we'll sort them all out for the challenge which will be getting underway at the end of this week! Comments are screened so there will be some surprises!

Tags: admin: mod post, challenge: songfic

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