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Torrid Tuesdays!


Let's try this again....

It's the last Torrid Tuesdays of 2015!  Yes, it is this time... your last pr0ny little prompt of the year..

It hasn't been the most productive year for good old TT - maybe the prompts? Maybe other kink bingo/meme options? But here's one more shot at writing some random PWP. Keep in mind the 'without plot' part -- feel free to just jam on some words without a ton of setup or "multi-chapteredness" (said the person who keeps on turning simple prompts into 10k multichapters...sigh). it is. Your prompt:

Fitting Room Fling

A tropey little prompt if ever there was one: Send your fictional darlings to a fitting room. Pre-wedding? Graduation? Stepping up their sartorial stylings or shifting clothing gears to fit in better? Whatever the reason - send 'em in there together and write us some taking off and putting on of clothes.

Whew. Bye TT -- hope to see you again next year. And join us this weekend for the start of Slow Sated Sundays!

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