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Mitten Monday!

It's still Monday here, barely. And it was a holiday as well, so that should explain some of my tardiness with the Monday Awesome post. The rest, well, I've been knitting. I knitted a mitten today. Which is pretty awesome if I say so myself. I shouldn't have started it, I have seven (I just counted) other projects started, but I wanted to be able to look at something finished. I grabbed the yarn for my dad's Christmas gift, and I made a mitten. Technically, it's not a finished project, one mitten is good, but two is done. But I have a mitten. Nice, spacious, tightly knitted, it'll be warm and appreciated. Sometimes you've got to grab a little idea you have and get it done, just so you can feel that bit of awesome. Especially in a WIP Push Month.

We had a fantastic Weekend Challenge this week, as well as some EPIC word wars. I would think that it's safe to say that we did over 15k just this weekend. We are so very NOT SHABBY! And then there's the WotD, and Flash challenges.


And, oh yeah, OVER 9 MILLION WORDS this year!!! Who rocks more than us? NOBODY! :P

So for my awesomeness last week I have over 2500 words, progress on 6 knitting projects, and a MITTEN! This week I hope to do even better! How about you?
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