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September Birthdays!

Ulp! I always seem to be running behind! I almost forgot about letting everyone know who's birthdays are coming up this month! But here I am, skidding in before their b'days actually arrive! Get to work, if you promised them something - or maybe you're almost done and just waiting to post? Wherever you're at, here are our birthdays for September:

8 Sept: sagaluthien - Saga's wishlist

8 Sept: starry_wolf - Starrie's wishlist

9 Sept: simplyn2deep - Liz's wishlist

I'm not on my usual computer, but I think that's everyone! I'll post again on their b'days and you can link or post your pressies for our birthday peeps then!

And I haven't forgotten I need to post that August Rush round-up; sorry! Hopefully tomorrow around this time I should be able to get it done!
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