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Mondays and Bluesdays and WIPs, oh my!

Happy September everyone!

Did you see the stats posting? We are at an awesome 9.1 million words collected this year, so far! That is so very very exciting to me. That lets us estimate 13.1 million words at the end of the year, which is so freaking fantastic.

I cannot accurately describe how wonderful it feels when someone gets excited about the comm, about finishing a project, or even about starting a project. When they are trying something new, something bigger, or are getting back into something they haven't done in a while, my heart actually has a grinch-swell about it. Even someone else popping in with a Yay you or *hugs* comment makes me all verklempt. Thank you all for everything you do. I am so thrilled we have this place and that it helps so many people. And I know that haldoor feels the same way.


Now to the Bluesday: Number counting ... can suck. There are a lot of people out there who don't want to quantify their work. I completely get that. It's a passion. It's art. Assigning a number to it can take away from the feel of accomplishment. And we should all feel accomplished, we all work very hard here. But when you look at the tally, when I look at the tally, sometimes we sigh with regret.

The truth is that we went down in graphics in August. It says to me that someone took their numbers and went home. And that is perfectly okay. Counting is not everyone's thing. We wish them well in their creative endeavors and move forward knowing that we still had an increase in August. We remain awesome.

Now me, personally, I have been knitting up a storm. I'm in double digits for the holiday gifts I've already finished, and managed 8 projects stored away as done in August. However the words have failed me. I've managed to keep the house clean all month, and still the words fail me. *sigh* So much for leading by example, huh?

But hey, it's a brand new month, everything is shiny and ready for a fresh start! My pledge to you is 150 words every day before I'm allowed to knit (and I still have a boatload of knitting to do), and to hit 25,000 words before the end of the year. That is not a lot of works for me in a year, typically, but I'm sitting at a little over 5k at the moment and that number needs to change! Who's with me?

WIP push:
1 - A number of people said they'd be willing to hold word wars. I say awesome! Let's get a schedule together! Who can hold one? And when?
2 - I'm going to put up a post once per day to hit people up about working on WIPs. I know that I can sit down with all the intention of working and two hours later I've wiki-walked myself to bedtime with nothing to show for it. Perhaps this will remind us and get us back on track.
3 - Ramdom posting of flash challenge prompts for non-WIP members will happen... randomly.
4 - I can't think of a #4, but if you do, let me know. I'm happy to jump in with more ideas on how to get the job done!

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