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seaQuest: Tarnished [PG, Hitchcock, suggested Krieg/Hitchcock]

since kaige68 said the word go.... ;)

This is sort of a prequel to my 2013 NaNo novel (which will eventually be better outlined, cleaned up and written properly!), The Darkest Hour. It's also some fun speculation on my part as to how my secondary OTP on this show ended up divorced (because they never said why!!) Those fandoms where we do all the work, I swear.... :P

This was written for theme/monthly challenges at two other forums but also fits the Cry Me a River prompt "Finally", so there you have it :D

and now for the interested reader--pick your poison location!:
LJ * FFN * AO3

feedback is welcome even if you are fandom-blind (because this is pre-canon in a fandom with very little background info provided, canon almost doesn't apply!)
Tags: challenge: big buddy, challenge: cry me a river, creation: fic

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