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August Rush: Collective Creations - Week Four

My goodness, you guys, you've done so well! Here we are at the end of the graphics for August Rush, and there has been a wealth of things made by those taking part in the challenge!

You still have until the 31st to catch up on any you missed but really wanted to do - you can link them here when you're done, and then, once midnight PST on the 31st has passed, I will do a final count-up and let you know what our total numbers are. I'll also let you know then who's up for completion and participation banners for their efforts!


Day Sixteen

severina2001: Buffy - 2 icons

angelus2hot: Buffy - Not Quite Perfect Happiness - 176 words

clarahow: (link to) Capt. America fic, and Buffy icons - 818 words and 2 icons

Day Seventeen

severina2001: Buffy & OUAT - 3 icons

thtwzjustadream: LOTR - 1 banner

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Evolution - 1979 words

Day Eighteen

severina2001: Buffy - 2 icons

angelus2hot: The Hobbit - For the Love of Blue Eyes - 166 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Captain's Orders (Don't Cover Motive) - 689 words

Day Nineteen

severina2001: Buffy & OUAT - 4 icons

angelus2hot: Buffy - A Dangerous Thing - 189 words

clarahow: OUAT - Of Course Not - 1 banner

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Don't Cry, Don't Scream - 1509 words

Day Twenty

severina2001: OUAT & LOTR - 2 icons & 1 sigtag

angelus2hot: Buffy - Guilt - 182 words

Whole week

clarahow: All the things! and counts here

(Thanks, Clara! I have your days here and there linked above too, but I'll be collecting the count from where you've linked it. Everyone else, follow the links to see what Clara came up with this week!)

Late entries rounded up!

Day One

guineamania: Capt. America - The Search - 312 words

Day Two

guineamania: Capt. America - Questioning - 214 words

Day Three

guineamania: Castle - Coincidence - 418 words

Day Six

thtwzjustadream: Hobbit - 1 banner

Day Fifteen

thtwzjustadream: LOTR - 1 banner

Day Sixteen

thtwzjustadream: Hobbit - 1 banner

And hopefully I have them all now. If yours hasn't shown up in a weekly round-up, comment with a link in this entry, and I'll make sure it's counted!
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