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Daily Count Challenge to agdhani

Finally got called for Daily Count! :D Perfect, I've got so much that I need to finish by the end of August it's not even funny. So, I decided to make today Sterek day, because I'm trying to clear my requests folder by fandom.

My first attempt at grafting a photomanip... I think it went all right. Would welcome criticism, especially if someone can tell me what else I can do because I haven't the first clue how to make a manip. I kind of just pasted his head onto the body and spent the next hour fighting with the colour levels / blur / smudge tools. What? It's my first week doing graphics!

One man's practicality is another's perdition
[The fic that the banner was meant for]
Title: One man's practicality is another's perdition
Main tags: Sterek, Sheriff Stilinski, Deputy Derek Hale
Warnings: Spoiler for Season 5 Episodes 1-3
Summary: Derek Hale is the newest deputy in Beacon Hills, and Stiles both loves and hates it.
Word count: 2,290 actual words + extra credit for the the photomanip banner
Link on AO3

“Those other werewolves that came rampaging through, Dandelion or whatever –”
“Yeah, from what you’ve said, they’re much worse. Hale’s quiet, polite, and hasn’t even killed anyone. You told me this… this dead tree stump thing is attracting supernatural creatures into Beacon Hills. Murderous supernatural creatures. How can the police force protect this town from them, when we can’t even protect ourselves?”

Total written word count = 3,191
Total graphics count = 1 manip banner + minor edits to 2 other banners for 1MW August Rush

And now I call agdhani! May you have success with more words or the editing of your book!
Tags: creation: fic, daily: count challenge

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