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August Rush: Collective Creations - Week Three

You guys are doing FANTASTICALLY! I haven't counted up how we're doing on numbers so far this time around, but going by all the comments and posts, there's plenty of 'em! I can't believe we only have one more week left. Don't worry though; anything you can manage in any fandom qualifies for a participation banner, and of course, adds to our annual count! You still have time to catch up, or just to add in a few things here and there, depending on the time you have available.

If your creations are linked somewhere, but don't feature under the cut, or I have anything wrong, let me know. And if you want to add anything that hasn't already been linked from Days 11 to 15 for the count, do so here in a comment. Otherwise, there will be complete month round-up at the end of August that you can link to.


Day Eleven

angelus2hot: Buffy - Always By Her Side - 183 words

severina2001: Buffy & OUAT - 3 icons

starry_wolf: Capt. America - 1 banner

dreamersdare: Capt. America - (You are the) Exception to Every Rule - 636 words

Day Twelve

severina2001: Buffy & OUAT - 2 icons & 1 sigtag

angelus2hot: Buffy - From the Very Beginning - 234 words

clarahow: Capt. America - Not Their Party (But They'll Fight if They Want to) - 233 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - When the Lights Go Out - 805 words

Day Thirteen

severina2001: Buffy, LOTR & OUAT - 1 icon & 3 sigtags

starry_wolf: LOTR - 1 banner

clarahow: Buffy, Castle, The Flash & LOTR - 10 icons

angelus2hot: Buffy - As He Said Goodbye - 206 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Cracked Reflection - 1582 words

Day Fourteen

severina2001: Buffy & OUAT - 3 icons

angelus2hot: Sisters Day Out - 160 words

clarahow: Buffy, Capt. America & Castle - 15 icons* (see note at end of post)

starry_wolf: LOTR - 2 icons

Day Fifteen

asphaltcowgrrl: Castle - Ryan's Regrets - 652 words

angelus2hot: Buffy - Shocked - 114 words

severina2001: OUAT - 2 icons & 1 sigtag

Whole Week

*clarahow: All fandoms - I'm sorry, Clara, I know some of these are included above in individual days (and Day 15 doesn't seem to be showing there yet) so I'll let you update the total word and graphic counts for the whole week in a comment here (as I'm not sure what I have already counted and it may be easier for me to just start again from a complete summary). Thanks!

severina will be your host again for Week Four; I know she's got it all ready to go! Have fun in this last week, and remember you still have next weekend, and a bonus extra day next Monday to finish everything off and link it.

I'll be back with the month's complete round-up post on Monday or Tuesday next week, and then we'll start talking about rewards! Good luck for the last few days, everyone! I know I have some catching up to do myself! ;-)
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