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Daily Count Challenge goes to clarahow

Okay, trying this one more time because the first six didn't work. My computer (pc/desktop) hates me. My phone is dead and will not charge. My semagic app on the daughter's laptop will not work and keeps crashing. And my xoom won't save anything I write. I had to go old school and write by hand. No idea what my word count is. Worked on four stories, lots of notes on my big idea for my NaNoWriMo novel, and I wrote a long journal entry by hand in my cool composition book I got when I got the youngest his school supplies. *sigh*

I am now handing the super cool Daily Count challenge baton over to clarahow . You can do it! :D And I'm still up for repeats if necessary.

I am also getting a new laptop because this is seriously driving me insane and I need to know word counts and I need to be able to post if I finish something. Dagnabbit. :)
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