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Belated and incomplete Haldoor Pressie - WYS(OH)I(NA)WYG

Danny/Steve preslash, Season Three. What You See (Or Hear) Is (Not Always) What You Get

From Haldoor's birthday request - Steve/Danny "The mystery only deepens." It merged with a persistent bunny and tried to turn into a full out fic, so after many writing delays, I had to take it out at the knees before any true Steve/Danny so I could actually give her something this month. (Fail face). But there IS a deepening mystery.

[WYS(OH)I(NA)WYG]Steve had always thought Danny was the very epitome of WYSISWYG - what you saw of him, or more often, heard, was exactly what you got. Danny was hardheaded, cynical and optimistic only about his daughter. So while he had given his partner a hard time about his lack of spiritual beliefs, it hadn't exactly surprised him.

This, on the other hand? This was a surprise.

"Danny worked with a psychic back in Jersey? Willingly?"

Kono nodded, waving her hands more like the absent detective than her normal style. "He got mad when I questioned it too, like how else she might have gotten the intel."

"Seriously, Cuz? You don't think Danny would have vetted her?" Chin seemed more shocked by the implication of sloppiness than the use of a fortune teller in police work.

"That's what he said, too. I just don't get it, why would anyone waste time they could be running down real leads letting some con artist fondle the evidence?"

Steve nodded. "Be interesting to see one of those types in an interview room, maybe. But you can't cold read a sweater."

"Look, both of you are still pretty new to police work." The older man seemed slightly apologetic, but firm. "In some kinds of cases, some cops will take a shot with a psychic. I wouldn't have expected Danny to be one of them, but it's done, there's a procedure to it, and it gets results often enough that you don't go insulting it out of hand."

Kono just made a face and went to do some paperwork, leaving Steve to consider the mystery of his partner... and grumble that anyone telling Danny and Kono they would be having babies together BETTER be a fake...


It was months later, and Steve had mostly pushed the small bit of unpredictability into the 'quirk' category in his mind, when the issue came up again. But this time it wasn't so theoretical.

The team was 30 hours into a child kidnapping case and going nowhere. Chin was pulling in every contact he had, Kono was electronically enhancing and examining photos of the abduction site in the hopes of finding something they'd missed before and Danny dedicating the same concentration to the timeline they'd compiled. Steve had called in any favors he could think of already and was to the point of pacing angrily and asking why they couldn't just start bringing in the Sex Offender Registration List in alphabetical order and beating them until they got a confession.

"Babe, we could start beating the Inter-Island stamp club and one of them would confess, but it wouldn't get us Susan back! Confessions obtained under duress aren't just inadmissible, half the time they're worthless!" He was clearly going to continue into his (fourth or fifth) admonition that they didn't even know for sure if this was was a sexual predator, when the main door opened and every head snapped around, desperate for news.

"Duke!" Everyone said it at once, like some stressed out, heavily armed version of Cheers. The sergeant paused, the hesitant look on his face warning enough that he didn't bring good news. "Do we have anything, Duke?" Steve went for the 'ripping off the band-aid' approach if the news was particularly bad.

"Probably not, unfortunately, but I thought I should bring it to you to make a final decision."

Chin went back to his phone call, but Kono and Danny left their reexaminations to come see what was up. "Decision on what, brah?"

"We got a visit from a woman this morning, she uh, she said she had worked with the Hilo PD in the past, but was visiting one of her daughters here when she, um, well, she has dreams..."

"Ugh," Kono expressed her disappointment more bluntly than Steve would have, but he was too stressed to worry much about Duke's feelings and let her continue. "You needed us to tell you to send a vulture packing? Things are bad here, we don't need some charlatan to mumble about-"

"Did you call Hilo and ask about her?" Danny was looking more awake than he had for the last twelve hours and almost hopeful. "I assume she gave you the name of a detective she'd worked with."

Steve blinked. "Why would he..."

"Seriously, Danny?" Kono looked annoyed now, and he could see that the frustration of the last two days was finding an outlet here. "You wanna consult one of these fakes, there's 900 numbers I can get you, why should Duke be-"

"Hey! Rookie!" For the first time it sounded more like an insult than an affectionate nickname. "Detective talking to Sergeant, here, and neither of us asked for your input." Guess Kono wasn't the only one venting some frustration.

Duke spoke quickly into the shocked silence. "She worked a few times with a detective who retired last year. Captain said she'd helped with a few cases, usually coming in on her own after she dreamt of the kid. She used to be a seamstress, makes crafts to sell at tourist markets these days, never made any money as a fortune teller." He flipped open his notebook and checked a page. "Mrs K-"

"Uh, don't, don't tell me her..." Danny glanced at Steve and seemed nervous for the first time about the whole situation. "I need to introduce myself to her clean, s-sorry, it's a, uh, a procedure I have with, with these things." Chin had come back and looked interested in this detail, but Kono was clearly gearing up for an epic rant. Time for a command decision, and it's not like they were doing anything but make-work and waiting right now.

"Okay, Duke, if someone can drive her over, we have the jacket from the abduction scene and some things Susan's folks gave us if we end up using dogs. Danny?" He gave Kono a repressive look and a jerk of his head towards his office. She was stalking there ahead of him as Duke got his final orders.

"Yeah, bring her in and to interview number two. I'll, uh, I'll get everything set up, just don't tell her my name, okay? I know it sounds, uh..."

"It's okay, brah." The older officer cracked a small smile. "You've got a procedure."

"Yeah... that."


Once Steve had finished talking Kono down, he headed over to the observation room. He'd reminded the younger officer that they had nothing and suggested that if Danny believed in this, worst case he got a boost of hope and best case something the woman said would get him thinking along a new line of investigation. But to himself he admitted that he was curious. His partner had accused him once of needing to know every detail of his life, and while it was a gross exaggeration... This belief seemed so at odds with Danny's usual worldview, and he wanted to see how policing and consulting a psychic would work together. And maybe he wanted to show a little faith, even if he thought the other man was wrong. Nothing wrong with letting his partner know he was valued, right?

The detective was setting the clothes and a stuffed animal on the table, and then settled into a chair with a clear line to the door to wait. After a few minutes, Chin and Kono slipped into the observation room with Steve just before the interview room door opened as well, and a patrol officer respectfully ushered in an older woman, with the round, smile lined face of a happy Hawaiian Auntie. He could practically feel Kono's default attitude changing beside him as years of programming by the Kelly-Kalakaua clan kicked in to demand trust and affection. He could also feel his own grin of anticipation. Happy Aunties loved Danny. Steve wondered if his partner would be getting his cheeks pinched and if so, which ones.

"Thank you for coming, Ma'am, I'm Detective Sergeant Danny Williams of Hawaii Five-0." Danny rose and stepped forward, offering his hand. Chin made an interested noise at the unusual formality of the introduction.

The Auntie took his hand with a charmed smile. "Polani Alama, thank you for letting me help, Detective."

As she spoke, Danny's shoulders seemed to relax from fake casual to true relief. "Please, Ms Alama, call me Danny." He offered a chair to her but out of casual touching distance of Susan's things. "Can you tell me what you dreamed?"

"So he believes her right away?" Kono whispered as the Auntie started explaining what led her to them and Danny unwrapped the jacket from its evidence bag.

"I don't think so." Steve was really confused now. "He believes her now, but before she walked in, he wasn't sure. I just don't know what changed."

Chin didn't look away from where Ms Alama was tracing the material gently with her fingers and talking about a musty smell. "He said he had a procedure in how he first met them... maybe fakes always pull something when they introduce themselves?"

He just grunted in reply, watching the way Danny used the same gentle voice and probing but not leading questions as he would with an eyewitness. "It's rocking, sometimes just a little, then a big one. It's a small space and there's only a little light coming from above..."

Chin started typing on his tablet. "A boat? Small one, maybe with just a hatch to below?"

"Seriously, Cuz?"

"Shh, listen!" Steve leaned against the glass, Danny was asking about how the little girl felt, now.

"Angry, and scared too," old but still agile fingers were petting the stuffed Honu now. "She gets scared that she will starve, or the water pooled on... tarps I think, will make her sick. Then she gets angry, and..." The woman stiffened and said in a cracked voice, "This isn't funny, stop it, let me out, joke's OVER!"

Danny reached across and touched her hand, gently. "Who is she trying to talk to?"

She had slumped down. "But she knows it's not a joke and she's so... Why would she do this?" Kono entered the interview room before Steve even realized she had left their side and began talking soothing pidgin to the old Auntie, who was now crying openly.

Danny met the other two men in main office. "We need the check the parents' movements for the 24 hours before the report, and find out if they own a boat, or borrow one regularly, or..."

"Are you sure?" Chin was already moving, but Steve grabbed his partner by the arm. "We didn't see any motive, and there were no signs of abuse in the family."

The detective was already flipping to the medical records in Susan's file. "I don't think we were looking for the right kind. We gotta check this out now, and tell the officer we have at the home to make sure everyone stays put."

Steve wanted to shake him and demand to know... to understand the judgement Danny had made, but he forced himself to let go and check his gear instead.

"Got it!" Chin was bringing up a map of the marina. "Family has a membership at the East Pier Sailing School and Mrs Jackson signed into the marina day before yesterday to make a reservation for next month."

"Let's move out. Kono, get Ms Alama a ride home and then head to the victim's house. Chin, call ahead to the school and make sure someone is there to open every hatch on their fleet, then catch up with us. Danny, keys."

"Control freak." But he tossed the keys over anyway and beat Steve to the office doors.

"I don't have control issues. But when this is over, I want the full story on psychics, and your 'procedure' and how this started."

Danny snorted, but the look he threw over was grudgingly affectionate. "The adorable thing is that you don't even see the irony... hit it, Super-SEAL, Susan's waiting for us."

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