Lizet Elaine (simplyn2deep) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lizet Elaine

Celebrations Weekend Challenge (part 1/3)

I made 10 graphics for the Celebrations Weekend Challenge. This is also what I did for my Daily Writing Challenge since I couldn't get the words to flow.

These celebrate marriage, however 2 of them would seem like that's not a reason to celebrate. I heard there's a new thing called a Divorce Party? It was also the title of an episode of CSI: Miami (which is where I first heard about it). know...YAY! MARRIAGE! or YAY! DIVORCE!

 photo marriage01_zpsh3rz2qnl.jpg  photo marriage02_zpssn6bx3i1.jpg  photo marriage03_zps3oe96swn.jpg

 photo marriage04_zpselzq4xek.jpg  photo marriage07_zps2lkz2eb8.jpg  photo marriage08_zpsw56v9dal.jpg

 photo marriage09_zpskdhftn1r.jpg

 photo marriage06banner773x514_zpsfrmd328b.jpg
direct (773x514)

 photo marriage05banner773x467_zpsoej2hfue.jpg
direct (773x467)

 photo marriage10banner513x375_zpsmcbkbwhf.jpg
direct (513x375)
Tags: creation: image, weekend: challenge

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