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August Rush: Collective Creations - Week Two

Howdy folks. The weekend is here (omg finally) so it's time for the Weekend Round-Up post for the August Rush challenge! Below you'll find links to all the lovely creations made during the week. Please do check them out. And a big round of applause to all of you!

If you made something this week and weren't able to link it to us on the day – or if you're using this weekend to catch up and write/art/create something new – then just link to us in the comments below once you've posted so we can have everything together (and can keep track of all the numbers so we can later crow about how amazing we all did. ;)

Without further ado, here are the :


Day Six:

severina2001: OUAT and Buffy - 4 icons and 1 sigtag

dreamersdare: Captain America - Below consciousness -- 1341 words

angelus2hot: Buffy – Time Heals… nothing -- 122 words

Day Seven:

severina2001: Buffy and LotR - 2 icons

angelus2hot: OUAT – Forever - 121 words

dreamersdare: Captain America - Classic Appreciation - 1107 words

Day Eight:

severina2001: Buffy and The Hobbit - 2 icons and 2 sigtags

angelus2hot: The Hobbit – In Spite of It All - 126 words

Day Nine:

severina2001: OUAT, Buffy & LotR - 2 icons and 2 sigtags

angelus2hot: OUAT – What Could Never Be - 106 words

Day Ten:

severina2001: OUAT, Buffy and The Hobbit - 2 icons and 1 sigtag

helsinkibaby: The Flash – Chasing Monsters - 534 words

angelus2hot: Buffy – What Happens Next - 107 words

Hope everyone enjoyed Week Two! Now get caught up if ya can, and get ready for a new week of prompts starting on Monday. :)
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