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August Rush: Collective Creations - Week One

Here I am at last! Back to full connectivity and finally able to post the round-up of this week's creations for the August Rush challenge! How was the first week, everyone? Do what you hoped for, or still need to do some catch-up? I hope some of you found time to work on the first week's graphics over the weekend, but you know it's never too late to start - and remember do as much or as little as you like to earn a participation banner. ;-)

If you've made something for Day 1 to 5, and it's not included in the list below yet, link us in the comments here when you've posted (in your own LJ, AO3 or wherever you want to post your creations), then we'll have everything all together for everyone else to check out.

And for those of you who are not creating for the challenge, it's time to give our creators some love for the things they've made so far, if you haven't already! Follow those links and tell them how wonderful they are!


Day One

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Fatal Error - 302 words

severina2001: Buffy, LOTR & OUAT - 8 icons & 5 sigtags

angelus2hot: Buffy - A Thousand Words - 246 words

clarahow: Capt. America - Ready or Not | You Can't Hide - 800 words

Day Two

severina2001: Buffy & The Hobbit - 2 icons & 1 sigtag

angelus2hot: OUAT - What the Heart Wants - 122 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Crossed Wires - 2743 words

Day Three

severina2001: Buffy, LOTR & OUAT - 2 icons & 2 sigtags

angelus2hot: Buffy - No Power Over Me - 127 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Laboratory Conditions - 622 words

Day Four

severina2001: Buffy, Hobbit & OUAT - 4 icons & 3 sigtags

angelus2hot: Buffy - A Kind of Comfort - 135 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Close your eyes (I still see you) 2643 words

Day Five

severina2001: Buffy, LOTR & OUAT - 7 icons & 3 sigtags

angelus2hot: Buffy - Nobody's Fool - 171 words

dreamersdare: Capt. America - Crisis of Confidence - 567 words

Well done, all of you! You are stars! ;-)

severina2001 has already posted the graphics for Day Six, so don't forget to check them out! We'll have another weekly round-up at the end of the next week!
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