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Batman Fic for the Weekend Challenge: Her Bat

Title: Her Bat
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Bats/Cats
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Weekend Challenge: Randomosity. My prompts were recent, that Summer seemed to last forever, and this picture.
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,914
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She hasn't seen him recently. She's been trying not to think about that fact, or all the many, possible reasons why he's missing, as she goes about her nightly routine. Her heist is going off without a snitch when she feels the wind change subtly behind her. She almost purrs as a smile curves her lips. Any other woman would not have noticed the change, but then any other woman wasn't one of the world's best cat burglars who also happened to be secretly in love with the city's protector.

She stifles a sigh, her smile turning into a frown at that last thought. God knows she's tried every trick in the book to get Bruce Wayne, and his Bat ego, out of her system, but nothing works. Nobody how many times he arrests her, no matter how many times he puts her behind bars, no matter how many times he lets her down, she still loves him.

He thinks she lives for the chase. He thinks she loves what she does, and she does to a certain extent. She loves climbing buildings, swinging through the night sky, being a free and proud woman who can best just about any man. She loves providing her babies and rescuing the true innocents in the world, those overlooked by so many supposed heroes, the Batman himself included. But what she really lives for, outside of her babies, are the rare moments when things are going right, when everything's going her way, and she's got him writhing underneath her not in pain or surrender but in ecstasy. She lives for those rare moments when they can both throw their duties to the wind and love one another freely.

And yet, last Summer seemed to last forever. It wasn't the whole Summer. It was only two weeks. Although they'd meant to be gone longer, she had been proven right: he couldn't stay away from Gotham for more than even one night without worrying about his beloved city. She had one of the rare people she trusted taking care of her babies, so she had no other obligations that couldn't wait. But Bruce worried about Gotham every night. He was tense when she kissed him, tense even when they made love, and eventually, she'd let him go.

It had hurt. It always hurt. And each time, she's told herself the same: that she's doing the right thing, that he'll never be happy with her only, and she deserves a better man. She deserves some one who will put her and her furchildren first, above any other duties, above a freaking city for Christ's sake. She deserves some one who will love her so much that he'll let nothing come between them. And neither Bruce Wayne or the Batman is ever going to be that person.

He wastes no time in closing in on her. His strong arms wrap around her slender body, sending waves of passion crashing through her system. "Let it go," he whispers, and his breath caresses her ear. His fingers close around her hand where she's still holding on to her loot. "Let it go," he whispers again, "and come talk to me."

She doesn't want to talk! Of all the things she ever wants to do with this man, talking is certainly not one of them! She starts to hiss, but he presses closer against her back. She feels his obvious erection and hears the note of pleading in his voice when he speaks again, "Let it go, Selina." Her breath catches in surprise; her heartbeat skips. He so rarely uses her real name, especially when they're out on the city in their uniforms.

Her grip relaxes subconsciously, and the diamond and jewels tinkle as they fall back into the mansion of the rich man who doesn't deserve them. She hisses her frustration and anger. "Now look at what you made me do."

"The right thing," he returns speaking as though he knows everything and she is a disobedient child. She snarls and turns swiftly to slap him, claws bared, but he catches her wrist and holds her tight. She's a struggling wildcat fighting a fire, and he's the match.

Bruce smiles; she wants to slice that smile right off of his handsome, smug face. Her emerald eyes blaze. She hisses and fights harder. He's not fighting much tonight, but he is managing to hold her still. His other hand comes up, and she stiffens, expecting a blow. But instead of fighting her harder, he removes her mask, which she lets him take. Her eyes blaze harder but then soften when he places a white flower in her hair.

Such flowers do not grow naturally in Gotham, and they're especially hard to come by in the Winter time. Snow crunches beneath their boots as she continues to struggle, snarling defiantly. The flowers may be hard to come by, but little is impossible with Bruce Wayne's pocketbook. Little but being happy and making the woman he supposedly loves happy.

She's still fighting him hard, but he's holding her stubbornly in place, when he raises the same hand that just put the flower in her long, ebony hair to his face. His teeth grip the finger of his gauntlet, and he drops the glove to the snow-covered roof. She watches him, puzzled, and although she doesn't make a sound, her heart's roaring as loud as a freight train in her ears. She stands as still as a statue as his bare hand caresses her face.

"I'm sorry," he says. She knows how to tell when people, especially men, are lying to her, but she can hear the truth ringing in his words. Her green eyes widen with surprise.

And then he does something else she doesn't expect. He removes his own cowl. Right there, on the rooftops of his cherished city, where any villain could happen by and see him, he removes his mask. He lets himself be seen. He opens himself to her. "I was an idiot," he says, and what else can she do but snarl, "When is that new?"

He laughs, and the sound warms her insides. There, in his arms, the heat is building, but it's slightly different than the fire that's always been between them. It's not just passionately fiery. It's warm and reassuring. She almost feels safe in his arms for the first time, almost feels . . . protected, loved.

She makes herself snarl, but his smile doesn't waver. "Really, Selina, I'm sorry. Give me another chance?" There's a gold ring waiting in his utility belt, but now isn't the time. He doesn't want to ask her to marry him when she's already enraged at him, and rightfully so.

He was a dumb ass to leave her, to choose his city yet again over her, but he didn't realize it until a few missions after his most recent return to Gotham when he'd almost lost his life and all he could think about, when his death seemed inevitable, was her and the opportunities for them both to be happy he'd caused them to miss. She had told him she loved when she'd let him go -- she had let him go, he understood, because she loved him --, but like a fool, he hadn't said what he'd felt. He had never really told her, but tonight, as the snow drifts down all around them, he does just that.

Cupping her face with one hand, his thumb gently caressing her flesh, and holding her still with his other, Bruce whispers to her, standing there, more naked than if he were unclothed, for the whole world to see, "I love you, Selina."

She opens her mouth to snarl again, but she can see the truth flickering in his blue eyes. He's never taken off his cowl so easily and readily in public before, hardly ever removed it at all, even when they were making love in the dark of some abandoned building, her apartment, or the back seat of the Batmobile. He's hardly ever been so open and honest with her, but he's being so now. He may never choose her above his city, but he loves her still as best as he knows how.

There's so much more she wants from a man, so much more she deserves. The law and Gotham will always stand between them. But she's known for years that the heart wants what it wants and there's little to no arguing with it. He's still caressing her face, still touching her so gently. His is the gentlest touch she's ever known. There have been times when it's felt like he's been almost afraid to touch her lest he somehow break her.

He loves her. He may not always know how to show it, but he loves her. She may never come before his city or his missions, but he loves her. The Batsignal shines suddenly in the night sky. His blue eyes flick to it. She sighs and hangs her head, defeated. "Go," she whispers and starts trying again to writhe out of his grasp.

But he holds her still. His bare hand lifts her face, and he gazes steadfastly into her eyes. "I'm where I want to be," he vows firmly. "I love you, Selina."

And her heart roars. Screams. Flies. He's telling the truth, and she knows he'll leave her soon to go save more so-called innocents, but it's true. He does love her. She beams up at him. "Tell me again," she whispers huskily, and the grin that breaks out over his handsome face is the widest one she's ever seen him wear.

"I love you," he repeats. "I love you! I love you!" His lips close down over hers. His tongue dives into her waiting, expectant mouth. He releases his hold on her so he can cup and caress her with both hands. He's told her with words until she's finally believed him; now, he's bent on showing her with his actions.

It's snowing all around them, but suddenly, it's hotter than the islands were last July. The Batsignal's still shining, but for once in their lives, he's ignoring it. He lifts her up, and she lets him. Her long legs wrap around him, and still, they kiss. She purrs her happiness, their tongues dueling sweetly, but then she notes that he's got one eye cracked open and is still looking at that damn Batsignal.

She breaks off their kiss. "Go," she tells him, but this time, she doesn't feel quite so defeated.

He gazes lovingly and longingly into her eyes. "Will you wait for me?" he asks.

She runs her fingers through his soft, jet black hair, then brings her hands down either side of his handsome, hopeful face. "Yes," she breathes. "I will," and she knows she will. However long it takes for him to get done with his city and come home to her, she knows she'll wait for him, even if it takes forever.

He whirls her around, kisses her again, and then sets her back down onto the roof. He's almost gone when she calls, "And, Bruce?"

He looks back even while dropping his cowl back into place. "Yes?"

She smiles. "I love you, too," she calls.

He rushes back to her, hugs her tightly, spins her around, kisses her deeply, and then he's gone. But she'll wait. She waits smiling, knowing she's loved and he's the only one for her.

The End
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