Ashkaztra (ashkaztra) wrote in 1_million_words,

Passing the Daily Challenge to dracosdreamer!

I'm no good with timestamps on LJ, so I have no idea when I should post this. But it's 10 PM here and I have to take a break from writing to feed the cat (and myself), so it seemed like a natural place to count and post.

I'm determined to make headway on my massive SGA fic this month, so I dove in and wrote 2,516 words of people walking around the woods looking for things. Not bad considering I've written maybe thousand words in all of July! I'm hoping to get in some more writing later today.

A bit confused as to how this tagging in works, but I'm passing the challenge to dracosdreamer and hope I'm doing it right? *chuckles*
Tags: daily: count challenge
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