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WOOHOO! Get ready, we're about to start.

We're all set to blast off on this year's August Rush! erinm_4600, severina2001, starry_wolf and I have sifted through the screencaps of the fandoms we're focusing on this year, and come up with what we hope are some awesome graphics for you all to play with! You use them to inspire you however you will, and hopefully come up with some wonderful words and beautiful banners, icons and wallpapers to boost our word-count for August. I know those of you who have played in previous years have had a blast with it, so I hope our newer members - as well as loyal followers from previous days - will enjoy it this year!

August Rush starts on Monday the 3rd August, and runs until the end of August.

The fandoms, once again are:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Captain America
The Flash
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Once Upon a Time

The rules are:

1. The challenge will run for 20 days for the weekdays from 3-7, 10-14, 17-21 and 24-28 August, with the weekends as 'catch-up' days. [edit: if you miss any days, you can make them up at any stage - the weekends will not have new pics so you can use them to catch up if you need to, but creating for days you've missed on other days is perfectly okay too]
2. Every day of the challenge a graphic from each of the chosen fandoms, as voted by you, will be provided in a single post for the day.
3. For each day's graphic in your chosen fandom/s, you will be asked to create at least either a drabble or 2 icons.
4. Should you wish, you can collect up your week's chosen graphics and from all of them create a 500+ word fic, ten icons, or a banner/wallpaper.
- OR you can wait and write a 2K+ fic from all of them; or create 40 icons; or 5 banners/wallpapers (for the whole month's chosen graphics in each of your fandoms).
- OR create any combination of the daily minimum that makes up the numbers, eg: 1 banner, 10 icons, 5 drabbles and one 500 word fic = 20 days worth; or 20 icons and a 1K fic = 20 days worth; or any other combo like this.
5. If you want to choose a different fandom for each day, each week, or any other combination that works for you (i.e. any number of the fandoms that you want!), that's up to you; you can do as many days as you want for any of the fandoms that you want to play with - any combinations work to make up the full 20 creations.
6. Everyone who makes the minimum creations for the 20 days gets a completion banner.
7. You don't have to reach the 20 day minimum target to earn a reward; as long as you create something, you can earn a participation banner.
8. Post in your journal or wherever you normally do and please link your creation/s for each day back to that day's post rather than in a separate post of your own (This makes it easier to collect up the creations, as at the end of each week I'll post a 'creation' entry and we'll summarise all the week's goodies there).
- OR you may choose to hold off and comment with the link/s on the 'weekly catch-up post'; it's totally up to you on that, but feel free to post your creations in your own journal and/or wherever you post in the meantime; that's just dandy! And I'll do a final post once the month's over to show everything we created and their counts.

NOTE: If I've missed anything or you don't understand - ask questions in a comment to this post at any time during the month.

And of course there will be participation and completion banners as rewards when we're done! heffermonkey, angelus2hot and flipflop_diva are going to help with the rewards, so you know they'll be awesome! ;-)

Thank you everyone for all your nominations, votes, screencaps links, and all the amazing other help so far!

I'll be back tomorrow with the graphics for Day One! Get your engines ready! ;-)
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