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Umai Hoshi

Pool Party Wrap Up

Wow, we had quite a few lovely people playing in new pools this month! Some dove right into the fray, others were a touch more cautious and slid into their pool, others just dipped their toes in; and there is nothing wrong with any of these.

You were all awesome and supportive, of each other and to me. Thank you all for being understanding when things went south for me, and playing along with my favorite challenge.

Below the cut are the links to the creations and the banners for each of the lovely people who boldly went where they had never been before. Let's give them a big round of applause.

I'm looking forward to next year. So many new fandoms to play in, so little time! If I missed someone, please, let me know. (Graphic heavy under the cut)

1. elasticella - bliss

2. fairyniamh - Mission Complications

3. heffermonkey - Suits Icons

4. writinchica2k - Five Things That Never Happened To Tommy Joe Ratliff

5. starry_wolf - Once a basketball idiot, always a basketball idiot and Collision

6. haldoor - Entwined

7. asphaltcowgrrl - Death by Lunch

8. katleept - All At His Own Paws, The Forbidden Feeling

9. simplyn2deep - Scorpion Icons

10. _eyesofpride_ - Movie Night , The Bag of Chips , Birthday Shopping

11. 12. kahuna_burger - Stargate SG-1

12. guineamania - Retuning Home

13. tellshannon815 - The Other Side of the Story

14. scraplove - 32 Avatar Icons

15. bluedelft - Plunkett & Macleane Graphics

16. thtwzjustadream - Sense8 Season 1 Banners and Icons

17. csichick_2 - Birthdays, Forever, Out Dancing, A Welcome Distraction, Smart is the New Sexy, The Lemon Caper

18. crookedspoon - I'd cut your name in my heart

19. drivvenwrinth - 12 Icons and 1 Banner

20. clarahow - Many Various Stories

21. weakmoments - I Didn't Want To Need You

22. hanorganaas - best father in law ever

23. angelus2hot - Three wallpapers for the Stargate Universe pool

24. craterdweller - People Skills
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