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A Magnificent Pool Party, to Which You're All Invited :D

I had already decided to do new things before the Pool Party challenge came around, and that just facilitated the whole shebang. I've been keeping this up on my personal journal but obviously since July is now over I'm posting it here now so you guys can check me out lol.

the challenge:
A) do something new every day in July
B) apply this to the 1-million-words Pool Party challenge
C) let myself feel good about it.

notes: originally I'd put links and word counts and stuff but I stopped doing that, sorry. I'm pretty sure all the works I mention are either on ao3 or in posts on my journal or at femslash100 but if you actually want to find something and can't, feel free to ask.
there are a couple things below that might be triggery for people with mental illnesses or addictions, jsyk.
side note at my mod friends: am I allowed to tag this "woohoo!" or no because I see that's an actual tag.

1. Started RPing on LJ
2. wrote my first work for the 100 (200w)

3. made my first graphic in a long time (for a challenge!) and posted it
4. wrote Anna/Ruby as a pairing in a work instead of as extraneous characters (250w)
5. wrote my first Amy/Clara work (152w)

6. wrote the TARDIS as her human!character self (100w)
7. wrote a Bad Blood MV/MCU Crossover (also feat. prev. unwritten characters & ships) (692w)
8. made a pair of graphics of clara
9. wrote an hp work with non-central characters as the main characters (365w)

10. wrote my first "shippy" sam/steve work (555w)
11. made a rec list as well as a fic for fan flashworks
12. made and used my own sig tag for a comm

13. made my own banner for my blog

14. wrote my first steve/tony work (1,240w)
15. wrote my first upon a time work (250w)

16. wrote drabbles with previously unwritten ships/characters (100 x 5 = 500w)

17. wrote my first princess mechanic work (250w)

18. finished a work w/ anna jarvis (previously unwritten character) as focal character (first work finished for my first exchange!) and made her Jewishness focal (and apparently did it well!)
19. finished my first jon/sansa work
20. finished my first hunger games work

21. wrote a meta poem for supernatural (80w)
22. finished my first slashy kingsman fic

21. wrote my first dramione work since march '13 (100w)
22. wrote my first non-arrowverse dcu work (100w)
23. wrote my first swan queen work (100w)
24. wrote my first bela/ruby work (100w)
25. wrote my first catelyn/cersei work (100w)
26. wrote my first carmilla work featuring characters introduced in season 2 (also first night vale work) (100w)
27. made a graphic for one of my (upcoming) works

28. wrote my first straight-up dramione smut piece (500w)
29. beta'd an ao3 fic (fourth fic beta'd ever)

30. joined deviantART
31. made a graphic for the birthday of a friend and posted it on deviantART and facebook

32. wrote my first Girls Like Girls work (150w)

34. wrote my first Supernatural work actively shipping Charlie (250w)
35. made my first post for dove-drabbles (written 7.14)

36. posted a dramione work to ao3 (only ao3-posted work that wasn't brought over from, there is 1 like that from '13)

37. made a eureka graphic and posted to ao3 because I felt like it (first completed Eureka work)

38. wrote a drabble that included kate bishop and lucky (first time writing comics-only characters from any comic fandom)

39. gave in to my friend's request to co-run her lesbian intimacy blog with her
40. and picked the theme/made tags page for that

41. took and passed an exam in college for the first time
42. wrote a drabble and made a graphic for a space opera!Agent Carter verse
43. let my dad take a picture of me while eating and didn't let myself feel bad about it

45. started my own comm femslashagenda
46. ate cake by myself and didn't throw up
47. 1 year tobacco-free
48. made an accomplishments post about the last year on tumblr
49. wrote Sherlock Holmes (the character) for the first time
50. wrote RPF for the first because Taylor Swift

51. wrote/posted/had someone beta an hp femslash smut fic

52. wrote first ginny/luna smut work - also first hp smut where I actually wrote the characters as underage and in canon 'verse (and first work featuring public sex where the participants are actually seen by an onlooker)

53. worked on and almost finished a work with a few firsts (my first leverage work, first with many characters, first purposely gen work)

54. posted above-mentioned work
55. as well as kinky + pretty cracky marvel work (cracky content yet another first)

56. wrote Arya/Asha which I'd never considered shipping before (and something with Arya actually being in Braavos)

57. did the asking when arranging to see a movie with a friend
58. bought myself a movie ticket for the first time, and without asking my dad first
59. withdrew from a bang and dropped out of comms because I knew I was putting too much pressure on myself

60. participated in a ficathon not run by a community I've been in rather than letting myself be convinced I'd be intruding
61. with a bellatrix/hermione smut work in a stream-of-consciousness sort of format, totally different than any I'm used to

62. asked for a needed extension on a college paper (take-home exam) for the first time
63. used femslashagenda to host a legit masterpost

64. had lunch with my stepgrandmother, just the two of us, for the first time
65. ate vietnamese food for the first time
66. got stuck in the rain by myself and had to ride the bus(es) home in a totally soaking dress and even fell and got hurt but didn't let myself freak out about it until I was safely home
67. saw ant-man by myself

68. let my stepsister and possible future sister-in-law get me some groceries
69. joined teaspoon
70. wrote Blair/Jenny for the first time and also GG's perspective (oops I totally shoulda left it at 69 things lol too bad)


I wonder what shenanigans adventures I'll get up to THIS month...*winks*

edit: forgot to add my word counts for the month oops
all words posted on ao3 in July: 29,287 words
all words posted on ao3 so far in 2k15: 173,986 words
words not yet on ao3 (unrevealed exchange works, etc.): 3,567 words

total published words so far in 2k15: 177,553 words
Tags: challenge: pool party, creation: fic, creation: image, exclaim: woohoo!
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