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Torrid Tuesday Twofer...


I was remiss last Tuesday and did not deliver a torrid little writing prompt - which only goes to show how wacky my summer has been because I love Torrid Tuesdays. make it up.. two prompts for you.

More AU options for you this time!

First up - pickup lines for a variety of het/slash combinations...
#1- How could you not know it's a singles bar? It says so right on the window! You must have picked up on it subliminally, yes?
#2 - My husband and I came in for a drink and we wondered if you'd like to join us…
#3 - I thought the escort agency reservationist said Jane, not John… (or vice versa)

And next: AU strip club encounter
One of your fictional darlings just had a horrible, very bad, not at all good day while on the road and out of their element, away from everyone who might support them. The only bar nearby is a strip joint but who cares - strip joints stock vodka, too, right? But hey… who is that dancing? And how can they get their hands on them yesterday? Bonus points for mesmerizing, sexy eye-lock during the dance.

Good luck, happy writing - hope the rest of the week treats you well.

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