ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Weekend Challenge Time!!!

Happy weekend! It's time for the weekend challenge, and this week I'm offering up three prompts I hope will bring you art, words or both! Here's how it'll work.....

Just give me three individual numbers. Please make two of them fairly low numbers, say anywhere from 1-25. The third can be anywhere from 1-100. I'll use them to pull you a song lyric, a quote about love/passion, and a line from a book. The music will be from my iTunes. The books are from a wide array of free books on Google Play and thus will be pretty random!

For rewards, I'll write a ficlet or I'll make two icons for anyone who posts 200 words or more by Sunday at 11:59pm US Eastern. If you don't want a reward, I'll add 200+ words to one of my WIPs -- but please, if you'd like a reward let me know! Writing some reward ficlets might make my somewhat moody muse get her writing rear in gear. :).

So gimme the numbers, and good luck!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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