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Lizet Elaine

Pool Party!

I chose to play in the Scorpion pool. I watched the show since the first episode and fell in love with it. It's one of my new favorite shows on CBS. A lot of people said it wouldn't get picked up for a full season, but it did! And it was given a second season!

It also didn't take me long to get my ships, either. First was the obvious Walter O'Brien and Paige Dineen (they're known as Waige), then came Toby Curtis and Happy Quinn (I was calling them Tappy, but it seems like the majority of fandom refers to them as Quintis, and now that name seems to have stuck with me). The last ship came in the form of Sylvester Dodd and Megan O'Brien (who is Walter's sister).

I thought about doing some writing for this fandom, but I so haven't gotten their voices down and I don't even want to try (at least not yet). So I made graphics. About 28 of them: 19 icons and 9 banners. Two of the banners you will notice are also from a recent weekend challenge.

 photo Scorpion-Cabe01_zpsfvxa3lhv.jpg  photo Scorpion-Happy01_zpsmsjg56me.jpg  photo Scorpion-Happy02_zpsgcvwvtex.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Paige01_zpslgk46xup.jpg  photo Scorpion-PaigeRalph01_zpsme9nh0gf.jpg  photo Scorpion-PaigeRalph02_zpsisep3ae7.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Quintis01_zpssqcm4bbu.jpg  photo Scorpion-Quintis02_zpsanyiyjby.jpg  photo Scorpion-Quintis03_zpsshp5ibus.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Ralph01_zpsyhvhjzgt.jpg  photo Scorpion-Ralph02_zpsgzzwh00s.jpg  photo Scorpion-teamscorpion01_zpsdmik1ij5.jpg

 photo Scorpion-TobySly01_zpsvkv3oetp.jpg  photo Scorpion-Waige01_zpsmavhfkiq.jpg  photo Scorpion-Waige02_zpsvy5hvqh2.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Waige03_zpscasoybpw.jpg  photo Scorpion-Walter-brusied_zpsdeprukkc.jpg  photo Scorpion-Walter-duck face_zpsb0k8jxqv.jpg  photo Scorpion-Walter-just smile_zpsmgv3mp8p.jpg

Banners: (putting them behind a cut since they're so large)
 photo Scorpion-MeganSylvester Banner 1200x600_zpsbxlhwnns.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Quintis-banner1200x804_zpsatm637z4.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Quintis-hashtag Banner 1200x675_zps2ywmexv9.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Sylvester-calculator Banner 1200x675_zps1mrckihu.jpg

 photo Scorpion-teamscorpion-banner697x575_zpsqhotqwzq.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Waige-banner1200x804_zpssxvy5y7r.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Waige-banner1200x840_zpsfemx59jh.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Walter-Geniuses Only Banner 960x540_zpsfwlvxkdo.jpg

 photo Scorpion-Walter-smile Banner 1200x675_zpssp2oqaq2.jpg
Tags: challenge: pool party, creation: image

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