ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Word Wars are back!

Last month we had a day of Word Wars, and I must say it was kind of amazing how well it worked! Those who took park kicked out some serious words  - and for my part, most of them got published and really helped me finish up some WIPs in June.

So....anyone up for Word Wars on Friday?  And if so....would anyone like to run a couple of rounds as well?

The way it works is very simple: We all show up ready to write- and at the times specified I'll give us all a comment on the Word Wars post that says "GO!"  We write for half an hour, then take a breather for a few minutes to look at how we've done, share our successes and cheer each other on. Then it's "GO!" for another half hour.

I can run two sets of Word Wars - one starting at 11am Eastern US time |15:00 UTC/GMT on Friday, and then again at 9pm Eastern US | 1:00am (Saturday) UTC/GMT time. That's eight half hours in which to jam out some serious wordage.

If anyone is up for running Word Wars at other hours, let me know - maybe we can get it a bit more around the clock this time!

Crack those knuckles, sharpen those pencils, shake the crumbs from the keyboards -- and hope to  see you here Friday!

Tags: challenge: word race
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