Starrie Wolf (starry_wolf) wrote in 1_million_words,
Starrie Wolf

Daily Count Challenge to dracosdreamer

What I did today:

  • Finally sorted out my entire writing schedule for July - which consists of 50k words of required fic - by figuring out which fandoms to write on which days

  • Caught up on my beta'ing work

  • Participated in a 24h spam challenge by contributing something like 800 comments - I was basically reblogging my Tumblr posts, and then livewriting fic nonstop, and then spamming song lyrics - to the point that LJ thrice thought I was a bot and started spamming me with annoying jigsaw captcha :(

  • Made 3 tarot cards for an AvLand challenge = 3 x 1,000 words

  • Did an AvLand drabble contest (requirement: 100 words each) = 500 words

  • Wrote a gift fics = 483 words

  • Wrote a second gift fic = 624 words

  • Wrote a #LoveWins challenge fic [Runed-verse, Magnus/Alec] = 712 words

  • Wrote some snippets of my other #LoveWins challenge fics = 122 words

I know, I know, I'm totally behind schedule, because I just got off a 13-hour flight and jetlag is hitting me so hard. And I was busy with the spamming competition.

Gonna call up dracosdreamer now since I notice that you're busy in the later half of July. You can do it!
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