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daily challenge to *insert drumroll here* starry_wolf! <3

Basically done with writing for the calendar day, working on a ship masterlist now and tbh that's gonna take a half hour or more probably a little while.

Today I...
A) made two graphics (which I've basically never done before, interesting story that I won't tell you now but is p much spelled out in the post this link is to)
B) made last-minute edits to my not_primetime story
C) wrote 'Lucky' (Torchwood, Martha/TARDIS, 100w, G)
D) wrote 'Live Like This // Live With Ghosts' (Bad Blood MV/MCU, multi-f/f, 692w, M)
E) crossposted 'I Wanna Wake Up Where You Are' to ao3 (Arrow, Laurel/Nyssa, 150w, T)
F) wrote 'Not Too Tight' (Doctor Who, Amy/Clara, 250w, E)
G) did reading for my Anthropology 110 summer class
H) wrote 'That Gryffindor Team Spirit' (Harry Potter, Alicia/Angelina/Katie, 365w, T)

I'm not entirely sure what my actual count for today is, but my yearly total wordcount so far is...wait for it...155,233w.

am I actually supposed to choose someone, or is this going in some specific order this time?

*shrugs* starry_wolf, I call you to the stand. bear witness to the awesomeness of this comm. assert your independence. adopt a bald eagle. fly on its back like it's Buckbeak and you're Harry Potter. It's late, I don't know.

Best of luck, darling(s)!!! <3
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