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The Feed and Caring of Steven J. McGarrett, chapter 2 of 3

Title: The Feed and Caring of Steven J. McGarrett
Chapter 2 of 2 3

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~4,000
Summary: Danny helps Steve recover from dental surgery.

Note: I originally thought this would be a quick one-shot to fulfill my need for some h/c Steve. Then I realized I had to break it into two chapters because it was getting too long. Now my muses don't want to let it go so it looks like it will be three chapters. I'd say I'd post the last chapter soon but that rarely works out like I hope. So I will say I'll post chapter 3 as soon as my muses allow it.

Chapter 2 on AO3===>
Tags: creation: fic

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