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Birthdays for July!

Hey everyone - it's time to start thinking about those July birthday gifts you promised people, or would like to make now you have had more time to think on it!


First off we have the lovely guineamania on the 14th! Guinea's wishlist

Then on the 17th, one of our newer members, scribble_myname has a birthday! Scribble's wishlist

Another late add in is for for the 20th when sio (or dracosdreamer) celebrates! Sio's wishlist

From there, we go to my good friend thtwzjustadream's birthday on the 21st! Dreamy's wishlist

And, late edit, sharing the 21st with Dreamy, we have another new member, clarahow, joining us on this challenge! Clara's wishlist

We move right along to the 28th for kapuahi's birthday next! Kapu's wishlist

And our last birthday person for July is another newbie, xxgingerchanxxx, on the 31st! Ginger's wishlist

So if you haven't already started, now's a good time to start making any gifts you want to give for this month! I will post again on each of their birthdays so you can link or post your creations for our wonderful July birthday people.

For those of you who haven't managed to give many gifts yet this year and/or those who want to up your word count, this is a perfect time to pull dig into your creative spirit and see what you can do! If you want to check out any other people whose birthdays haven't yet arrived in 2015, go to the main post here, and scroll through the list of people taking part.

I'd especially like to see those who got some great gifts themselves but have yet to find someone to give to (or you've just not had time) check out and plan for the upcoming giftees! What goes around comes around and all that! You can slip through the link at that post and offer up a few recipients if you wish, or just wing it as the months come along; it's all good! ;-)
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