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Comment Fic Friday

I have been quite slack and not got any of these up for a wee while, so today I am determined! I meant to do it last night (Friday here) but I was sooooo tired it didn't happen. Anyway, here I am at last!

banner-comment fic friday-med.jpg

This post is for people who need a break from creating something bigger or those of you who just like writing 'slice of life' or small pieces that will fit in a comment. So the idea is to write around 700-800 words (although less is fine, and we won't complain if you write more!) and post or link it in a comment here. The prompt for today's comment fic is:

Ready for the Weekend!

Use the prompt however you like, be it a couple (or more) characters getting organised for a weekend break away from their usual daily grind, someone who's had more than an awful week and is 'so ready for the weekend', or any other thing that springs to mind, we want to see your words! Any fandom (or none), any genre, any pairing or character/s you like.

And if you're a graphics maker, give us something small - maybe a few weekend oriented icons or a small banner (maybe even a 'weekend challenge' one!). We love those too, so get creating!

Roll on the weekend!
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