ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Torrid Tuesdays: The Wednesday Edition

Oh, I so planned to have this up on the actual day this week that was really Tuesday but.....I spaced.

Sorry about  that - but here and ready, now, with a prompt for you. Last week we went edgy  - this week let's go with something sweeter....

Write us some make-up sex!

Maybe the fight was just a few spat out words and a cold shoulder. Or maybe it was something more - something that at least one of them was afraid they might not be able to get past. But a little breathing room and a couple of 'I'm sorry's' later, things are better - what a perfect time to reconnect!

Hope the prompt brings you words, and Happy 4th of July weekend to those celebrating!
Tags: challenge: torrid tuesday

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