Starrie Wolf (starry_wolf) wrote in 1_million_words,
Starrie Wolf

#LoveWins Challenge

So I'm offering this on my Tumblr, and I thought I'd offer it here as well:

In honour of #LoveWins, I'm taking drabble requests for ANY non-het (including poly or non-cis characters) pairing, as long as I know the characters (and if I don't, give me a run-down of the universe)! Any rating, any prompt, except: no dubcon, no noncon, all parties must be above age of majority in their respective species, no abuse of any kind, and no romanticizing of unhealthy relationships.

There's a list of fandoms pinned to the top of my LJ if you want to browse, or you can just ask.

Tags: exclaim: let's go!, misc: motivation
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