Are 6 dogs too many? (tkeylasunset) wrote in 1_million_words,
Are 6 dogs too many?

Bingo - How are you doing???

So how's it going with Bingo? You have some fills done? No fills done? BINGO already?

Need handholding, cheerleading, butt-kicking? Volunteers are here.

Want a new card? Want lots of new cards? They are here.

Not sure what qualifies as a bingo? Rules and stuff here.

Want to post your creations to 1_million_words AO3 community? It's here.

If/when you go to the rules and stuff post, you'll see that anyone who posts BINGO in whatever form by midnight June 30 in your local time zone will be rewarded with special Bingo graphics. So if you want rewards, be sure your creations are posted somewhere before July 1 your time.

On July 1 my time, I'll put up a post for you to request your rewards. You are welcome to celebrate your accomplishments here or there or anywhere. But I won't be able to remember or keep track if I don't have all the requests in one place.

To those of you still working - Keep Going!!!

To those of you who have one or more Bingos already - Congratulations!!!!

To those of you who are just hearing about June Bingo, come on in. The water's fine!!
Tags: challenge: bingo

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